Friday, January 31, 2014


 In class, we took pictures from different angles and points of view. Perspective changes the way I see myself. The picture looks different from different views. The picture to the left was taken straight on. The picture to the right was taken from a birds eye view. In the picture to the left, you can see my whole body. By the way my head is facing one may think I could be looking at something. You can only see half of my face and can see that I have a straight look on my face. In the picture to the right, it is taken from up above. You can only see the upper half of my body. You cannot really see my face because of the angle. By the way my arms and hands are positioned one may think I am concentrating on what is going on in front of me or I am tired and resting. As one can tell many things can be thought based on expression and body language. Each position and expression has its own meaning and therefore there will be different views based on what the individual thinks. Personally, I like my pictures taken straight on like the first one. I like being able to see expression and my whole body.


  1. Love your photos! :) I like your blog background too!

  2. Hi Kendra,
    I like the way you talk about how different points of view change what the viewer sees! I have lots of questions about details that you could work into this blog to make it "pop" and to be more clear for the reader. For homework, go back to edit this blog post (go to design, posts, edit). Add more details: what about feet do you see? What details appear? In the bird's eye view, what can be seen? How do you look smaller? Say more/add more details.